• History

    Company VENERE is located in Slovenian coastal town Izola. It was founded in 1996 and from the beginning on the main activity is production and wholesales of garments and fashion accessories. Over the past two decades the company has become recognizable on the markets of South Eastern Europe, especially for its high quality, comfortable and creative garments, which can be found on the markets in region.

  • Vision

    We take inspiration from the Mediterranean Alpine environment and creativity of individuals. We design and produce garments made of quality materials, comfortable cuts and strive to:

    • remain the first choice of Slovenian consumers.
    • further strength our presence on the Southeast European markets.
    • increase the market share and good reputation on existing and new markets,
    • as an innovative creator successfully conquer new markets within and outside the EU.
  • Mission

    We are leading Slovenian supplier of quality garments and accessories, which satisfies desires and needs of our customers and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding consumers. Our product can be found on shelves of specialized garments stores, and international retail chains.

    With our garments, made of natural materials, we are always taking care for consumers comfort and also for environmental preservation. Our socially responsible attitude is disclosed by supporting sporting activities in our surroundings.


    Motivation, complete dedication and creativity carried by each of our product shows that “we do not only make garments, but we create lifestyle“.